Helping You Through The Most Painful Details Of Your Divorce

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Legal Advice To Empower Your Decision-Making In Divorce

You know that the decision to get a divorce is difficult and that you may need an attorney to help you through the legal process to make your decision official.

I am attorney Lester Reed, and I know what you are going through. I know what a divorce looks like from the legal, procedural and personal perspectives. I have also seen the results that dedicated and honest legal advisory can make in the life of an individual and their family.

At the Law Office of Lester K. Reed, PLLC, I counsel and advocate for the rights of clients in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. One of my goals is to positively impact your family law case from a legal standpoint and guide you through the decisions you make.

Empowering Your Decision-Making

Knowledge is power, and learning about your options can make a difference in a divorce. Whether you are facing an amicable or difficult separation, I will explain in detail the possible scenarios so you can make informed decisions.

My services in Texas divorce procedures include:

Although I am ready to zealously protect your rights and family when required, I also serve as a neutral mediator. I assist spouses who decide to negotiate their divorce outside the courts in guiding their decisions and suggesting different paths to reach beneficial agreements.

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