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Fighting For Your Rights As A Father

Fathers who are going through a divorce or are unmarried may face the same issue: the need to protect their right to be in their children’s lives.

Texas courts believe that a child should have access to both their parents, as mothers and fathers have the same rights and responsibilities.

If your spouse or mother of your child is denying your visitation rights without a valid reason, call me. I am ready to assist you and discuss your rights as a father at the Law Office of Lester K. Reed, PLLC, in Fort Worth. Regardless of how challenging the situation is you are facing with the mother, you will be your children’s father for the rest of your life. You have every reason to be part of your kids’ life.

Assisting You Through Your Struggle

According to Texas law, a father’s parental rights may be denied only if ruled by a court. To reach this decision, a judge thoroughly analyzes evidence submitted to a family court, suggesting a child might be in danger with their father.

Other situations include unmarried men who need to establish paternity to gain child custody and visitation rights.

I know the legal struggle from a professional and personal point of view. I have fought for my kids, too. I understand your situation, and I stand ready to help you assert your rights.

In my law firm, I can assist you with:

  • The legal process to establish paternity
  • Negotiations through child custody and visitation in divorce procedures
  • Custody modification orders that are in the child’s best interest
  • Filing court orders to enforce your visitation rights as specified in the parenting plan

When I discuss your situation in a free initial consultation, I will thoroughly address your rights and develop a legal strategy to fight for your parental rights. Legislators increasingly recognize that fathers can also be caring child-rearers and that both parents play essential roles in a child’s welfare.

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