Helping You Through The Most Painful Details Of Your Divorce

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Caring And Sound Legal Advice In Family Law

Most of the legal issues and needs involved in family law are highly emotional and may quickly escalate to a hostile situation. When you need an attorney to learn about your rights, options and how to protect your family, I am ready to assist you.

I am attorney Lester K. Reed, and I have helped worried parents and future ex-spouses like you navigate the Texas legal system and work on solutions. My goal is to make a difference in every case I take.

My office is in Fort Worth, where I serve local clients and those from surrounding areas. In my practice, I focus on providing long-term legal solutions for the benefit of your loved ones and yourself. As your lawyer, I will advocate for your rights and give a fair assessment of your situation to craft a legal solution for you.

I firmly believe that you should not have to be concerned about paperwork and meeting deadlines. Therefore, I will help you with all the administrative matters, so you can center your attention and energy on what you care about the most.

The Legal Assistance You Need In Challenging Times

At the Law Office of Lester K. Reed, PLLC, I am ready to represent you and protect the interests of your loved ones in the following areas of family law:

  • Divorce procedures, including high-asset divorce
  • Guidance through child custody and visitation
  • Paternity matters and rights of fathers
  • Grandparents’ rights involving grandchildren visitation

If you and your future ex-spouse are willing to negotiate the terms of your divorce, I am prepared to assist you as a mediator. I am a licensed mediator dedicated to creating the necessary conditions for productive conversations and providing insights to reach an agreement that could be beneficial for both parties.

You do not have to face a legal family issue alone. I will work relentlessly for you and your loved ones to solve your legal needs as quickly as possible so you can start a new stage of your family.

Tell Me About Your Situation: Call-Back Within One Hour

Call me at 817-857-6709 to discuss your concerns and schedule a free initial consultation. If I don’t answer your call immediately, you can be sure I will return your call as soon as possible – most often, within one hour. You can also send me an email.